Under the Youth Career Development Plan, selection list of candidates for admission in coaching institutions for the preparation of Civil Services Examination of Union Public Service Commission and State Union Public Service Commission

Selection list for admission to Triple Youth Hostel New Delhi for the preparation of Civil Services Examination 2018 of the Union Public Service Commission under the Youth Career Development Plan

fourth final list to take admission in prayas residential school year 2017-18

vacant sheet notice of fourth final list for counseling in prayas residential school year 2017-18

Notice for admission in class IX in the attempted child / girl residential school Raipur

"Invitation of Interest" second invite for the selection of institution of Residential School Raipur

Additional Director, Assistant Commissioner, Research Officer, Assistant Planning, Statutory Officer's official and final seniority list

Third Counseling Notification for prayas Residential Schools (Year 2017_18)

Attempts for admission in residential schools, second waiting list in merit order for counseling on the basis of pracfication examination.

Intention of vacant seat information in third counseling for residential schools in the year 2017_18

Invitation of application for granting incentives to successful Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe candidates in PSC 2016 Preparatory Examination of the Public Service Commission

Information about vacant seats in secondary counseling for the year 2017_18 in residential schools

Notice of Secondary Counseling for the year 2017_18 in the initially residential schools

Abolition Notice of Expression of Interest from Coaching Institutions for Arrangement of Faculty for Teaching Work in the Residential School, Raipur, 2017_18

Order of appointment of Hostel Superintendent Category "D"

expression of interest in coaching institutes registered for arrangement for teaching work in Prayas Residential School Durg, "Invitation for expression" of year 2017-18

List of counseling organized for the post of hostel superintendent category "D"

RESULTS OF SELECTION EXAMINATION (2017-18) for admission to Prayas Residential Schools

Prayas Residential Schools (years 2017-18) Selection of test results and counseling information

Revised instruction for teacher education year 2017-18 for teaching work for teaching work in Prayas Residential Boys School Raipur and Prayas Residential Girls School Raipur.

Invitation to express expression of interest to coaching institutions registered for the teaching of teachers for teaching work in the school / child residential school Raipur, 2017-18

Format of application form for applicants of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes under Hospitability and Hotel Management Training Scheme

Expression of interest for selection of training institution for Hospitility and Hotel Management Training Scheme

Notice of amendment in the date of entrance examination for coaching of Civil Services Examination conducted by Union / State Public Service Commission under Youth Career Development Scheme

Under the Youth Career Development Plan, for the preparation of the Civil Services Examination to be held in Union Public Service, New Delhi, in the year 2017-18, the notification of the preliminary examination for admission of candidates

Appointment order of Hostel Superintendent Category D

Guidance camp for pre-training of various competitive examinations under Young career building

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