Integrated Tribal Development Projects

The project aims to set up: -

  1. The project plan for the development of tribals of the area / project to be ready.
  2. Review the progress of work being done in the project area and the difficulties faced by them in collaboration with relevant departments to remove.
  3. The project areas are being made to work, to coordinate between different departments.
  4. The project is being done in the field to monitor the work required.
  5. Editing work planning projects. Namely,
    1. Tribal Sub Plan (demand numbers 41, 42 and 68) to prepare the plans.
    2. Special Component Plan (Demand-15, 64) to prepare the plans.
    3. Preparation of schemes to be taken under special central assistance.
    4. Article 275 of the Constitution (1) under the plans and programs to be undertaken.
    5. For the overall development of the region, taking into account local requirements make special plans.
    6. Annual Plan and Annual Action Plan.
    7. Five-year plans and annual report preparation.

Expand Areas And Population Sub

Project wise Population Statement

S NoProject NameBlockPopulation Details (Year 2001)
CompletePartial TotalTribalPercentageNo. of Villages
1 Jagdalpur7-63307839859862.98614
2 Bhanupratapur(Head-Office Kanker)5-9094766519981857.17572
3 Narayanpur4-32479518617657.32869
4 Kondagaon5-46446533960773.16536
5 Dantewada4-24702917371470.32239
6 Konta(Head-Office Sukma)3-23111019664985.09380
7 Bijapur4-24117318919078.45696
8 Korba4267367238403057.00743
9 Gourela3445377327199259.94504
10 Ramanujganj5-42651327359764.14555
11 Jashpur Nagar7-49495736433273.60656
12 Dharamgarh6-77060145520459.07762
13 Gariaband3-28728815093752.54516
14 Doundi Lohara1334701517541350.54376
15 Rajnandgaon(Chouki)3335077521127560.23664
16 Surajpur6-62301230048448.23551
17 Baikuntpur5-58632726004044.35661
18 Ambikapur8-77138647011860.94674
19 Nagari1117064910845263.15301

MADA Paketwar population Details

S No Name of MADABlock Population Details (Year 2001)
1 Mahasamund-13-1128285898452.28200
2 Mahasamund-23-926144070743.95215
3 Baloda-Bazar2-566123052953.93148
4 Gangrel1-11752645154.8943
5 Rungja1-277371154641.6346
6 Sarangarh2-286511329646.41100
7 Gopalpur1-17792892650.1733
8 Kawardha1-649835069470.01247
9 Nachniya2-183231109060.5377

The population of small lapel Details

S No. Name of small lapelBlock Population Details (Year 2001)
1 Bachhera Bhata3-13646928968.7550
2 Dhuribandha2-14044653346.6625